Custom Craft opened its doors in this location in 1968, and we are very proud of our continuing service to San Clemente and the surrounding areas of Orange County.


We offer complete and expert services for all aspects of furniture refinishing and repair, as well as new cabinetry finishing.  Whether your piece has a special sentimental value or a recently purchased piece that is in need of attention, we will give you the quality of craftsmanship that comes with 47 years of experience.  We take pride in being able to bring your furniture back to its original beauty, including carvings, replacement of missing pieces, veneers, and expert color matching.  If you are interested in a different look, we have a full knowledge of decorative finishes, styles, and techniques for changing your furniture to what you have dreamed of.  All furniture is stripped by hand with no use of a "dip tank" that could damage integrity of the wood and joints.


We take great pride in the fact that a large percentage of our work comes from satsified customers personal referrals, as we feel we provide a high high quality of service, always standing behind our work for homeonwers and buinesses alike.  As a provider of services of many moving companies, you can feel free to contact us if you are in need of written estimates for damages sustained by movers.  Our touch-up service is unsurpasssed.  Your funiture can be, once agiian, structurally sound.  We also offer hand and machine caing and rush weave work.<< New text box >>


Please call us at (949)492-1376 or stop by at 124 Calle De Los Molinos in San Clemente.  Our doors are open Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm.